Best Acne Treatment – How to Get Rid of Pimples Permanently

If you have got into adolescence, then definitely you would face Acne. Teenage is the most colorful phase of life, but acne make the teenage period embarrassing. In fact, it is a big issue of concern. The main problem associated with acne is as it appears only on face; it induces a feeling of guilty and embarrassment. This article is dedicated to teenagers who are looking at Best Acne Treatment and want to Get Rid Of Pimples permanently.

Though acne appears mainly on face, it may affect the other body parts like upper neck, chest, back and shoulders. The severity of acne and its spreading varies from case to case. But here is how the outbreak of acne occurs in general:

1. During the preliminary stages, you can observe small pimples mainly on the facial part. This is because the pimples otherwise known as acne are nothing but the pores on the face. They act as a external opening to the sebaceous glands. Later on, this spreads to other sensitive areas like neck, arms, chest, shoulders, and back.

2. Coming to facial acne, pimples are more particular on the cheeks. The teenagers with acne on their cheeks always spend hours of time before the mirror. From cheek it may spread to other areas around the cheek such as nose, chin, and forehead.

3. In initial stages, acne is painless but later on it creates itchiness and pain too. They in fact grow upon time and pus develops in it. Then we observe yellowish tip on its surface on the acne.

4. Finally, the acne outbursts leaving some mark on the face. Some feel oily too. The acne eruptions make the whole face look unattractive.

How To Get Rid Of Pimples Permanently:

These are some simple tips that help you to get rid of pimples permanently:

1. Do not take OTC and other medicated drugs and medicines.

2. Stay away from junk, candies, baked and oily food items.

3. Do not try different approaches/ways of acne treatment. Stick to the best one.

4. Use an appropriate cleanser and do not wash the face more than three times a day.

5. Avoid using harsh skin care products.

6. Be hygienic and twice bathing with mild soap is recommended.

7. Drink more water

8. Expose yourself to fresh air and ventilation.

9. Stay from smoking and alcohol drinking habits.

10. Stress can aggravate pimples, so do exercises and yoga so as to keep your body stress and strain free.

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