Get Rid of Pimples Fast and Effectively

Do you recognize this situation? You have a date with a really nice guy or girl and you wake up in the morning and you discover a big ugly pimple in your face. Your first thought is to try to squeeze and lance the pimple, but this will make it only worse. Fortunately, there are much better ways to get rid of pimples fast. First of all the best thing you can do is to prevent pimples. Especially, when your skin has a tendency to develop pimples prevention is the best cure. But even if you have taken all preventive measures there is always a chance that pimples will occur and therefore you will have to learn how to get rid of pimples fast.


An effective and simple method of getting rid of pimples fast is by using toothpaste. This may sound funny, but there are a lot of people who swear by its effectiveness as a proven tested way to get rid of pimples fast. However, please do not use toothpaste with gel in it as that will have no effect. Plain toothpaste is the only kind of toothpaste that will help you to get rid of pimples fast.

Fresh lime juice

What you also can do is to take some fresh lime juice and to apply that to the pimple before you go to sleep at night. You have to cut a single lime and then you need to squeeze the juice out of it. One lime should be sufficient to apply to the pimples, but first you have to clean your face thoroughly. The lime juice can be applied by using a cotton swab.

Lavender oil

You could also use lavender oil to get rid of pimples fast. As with the fresh lime juice you should first clean your face thoroughly before you apply the lavender oil. Apply the oil by using a dab before you go to bed. It will not only give good results but you will also fall asleep sooner because of the nice smell that it has.

Honey and cinnamon

Another way to get rid of pimples fast is to mix honey and cinnamon and to make a paste out of it. The paste should be applied to the affected parts, but first you will have to clean your face thoroughly. It also has a very nice smell and the results are effective. For the best clean results it is recommendable to lay a towel over your pillow to prevent spoiling the mixture on your bed due to the turning and tossing and night.

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