Get Rid of Pimples Fast – Home Remedies To Zap Pimples Quick

Pimples are a skin condition characterized by inflammation and red lesions on the skin. In some cases, people may have white heads or blackheads and others may have pimples. Many people have lived with this condition and have acne scars from the damage it causes on the skin. It is important to know how to get rid of pimples fast to fight the condition and be in control of your skin.

One remedy is made of a paste made from cinnamon powder and honey. The paste is most effective if used at night, therefore it should be applied before you go to sleep. Noticeable changes will be witnessed in two weeks or less.

Another way to get rid of pimples fast is mixing unboiled milk with ground nutmeg. These form a thick paste, which is then applied to the skin. One is supposed to leave it in for one to two hours after which the face is rinsed with warm water. It has been tested and proved and within two weeks of its use, people will experience clear skins free of marks. It is recommended that you keep applying the paste until all of the marks have vanished completely.

Some people have had success in clearing their pimples fast with a mixture of lemon juice and sugar. This is mixed and applied to the face until it dries. It is then washed off with warm water. Use this twice a day and you may be amazed with the speed at which your face becomes spot free.

Tea tree oil can be purchased at health food stores and is known for its antibiotic properties. This is a safe and all natural product that, when applied to pimples is effective at quickly clearing your skin and preventing future breakouts.

Another home remedy for pimples includes making a thick paste mixture with oatmeal and natural yogurt. Then, apply it on the face and let it to dry for a few hours. This is followed up with washing the face in warm water and pat drying it. For even better results, it is recommended to use this with an antibiotic cream. This cream should be chosen to match the skin type. This treatment clears acne in as early as a month and with no side effects. Since there are no side effects it may be used until the skin clears up and has a healthy glow.

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